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get [ɡet]
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  • vt.
    得到, 获得, 变成, 使得, 收获, 接通, 抓住, 染上
  • vi.
    到达, 成为, 变得
  • n.
    (网球等)救球, 生殖, 幼兽
  • 【计】
    取得指令, 获取文件
形容词: getable 动词过去式: got 过去分词: gotten/got 现在分词: getting 第三人称单数: gets
  • 1.
    n.a return on a shot that seemed impossible to reach and would normally have resulted in a point for the opponent
  • 2.
    v.cause to move
      cause to be in a certain position or condition
      He got his squad on the ball
      This let me in for a big surprise
      He got a girl into trouble
  • 3.
    v.reach by calculation
      What do you get when you add up these numbers?
  • 4.
    v.communicate with a place or person
      establish communication with, as if by telephone
      Bill called this number and he got Mary
      The operator couldn't get Kobe because of the earthquake
  • 5.
    v.succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase
      We finally got the suspect
      Did you catch the thief?
  • 6.
    v.reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot
      the rock caught her in the back of the head
      The blow got him in the back
      The punch caught him in the stomach
  • 7.
    v.overcome or destroy
      The ice storm got my hibiscus
      the cat got the goldfish
  • 8.
    v.evoke an emotional response
      Brahms's `Requiem' gets me every time
  • 9.
      Her childish behavior really get to me
      His lying really gets me
  • 10.
    v.reach and board
      She got the bus just as it was leaving
  • 11.
    v.receive as a retribution or punishment
      He got 5 years in prison
  • 12.
      What did you get at the toy store?
  • 13.
    v.come into the possession of something concrete or abstract
      She got a lot of paintings from her uncle
      They acquired a new pet
      Get your results the next day
      Get permission to take a few days off from work
  • 14.
    v.acquire as a result of some effort or action
      You cannot get water out of a stone
      Where did she get these news?
  • 1.
    can't get it up for
    [美口]对...不感兴趣; 缺乏劲头
  • 2.
    have got'em all on
    [口]打扮得漂漂亮亮; 穿得过于考究
  • 3.
    have got'em bad
    下定决心, 认认真真; 大吃其苦
  • 4.
    How are you getting on?
  • 5.
    I wish you may get it.
    [口、讽]但愿如此! 那未免太好了!
  • 6.
    I wish he may get it.
    [口、讽]但愿如此! 那未免太好了!
  • 7.
    It gets me
    [美、口]我真不理解; 把我难住了。
  • 8.
    get about
    旅行; 走动; (消息等)传播; 忙于工作; (病后)下床活动了
  • 9.
    get above oneself
  • 10.
    get abroad
  • 11.
    get across
    使通过; 讲清楚, 使人了解; 触犯; 与...搞坏关系
  • 12.
    get after
    追击; 追捕; 训诫; 攻击; 敦促
  • 13.
    get ahead
    进步[展]; 成功; 长进
  • 14.
    get ahead and do it
  • 15.
    get ahead of
  • 16.
    get along
    过日子, 过活; 相处; 进展[步]; [口]走开
  • 17.
    get among
  • 18.
    get anywhere
    [美 anyplace][口](使)进展, (使)有所成就; (使)行得通(常用于否定句)
  • 19.
    get around
    走动; 避开(规章等); 传开; 忙于工作; 影响; 说服; 哄骗
  • 20.
    get around to
    [getround to]抽出时间(做某事); 考虑(某事)
  • 21.
    get at
    得到; 暗示, 意指; 了解; 发现; [口]贿赂, 收买; [俚]挖苦, 嘲弄; 取笑; 攻击; 欺骗
  • 22.
    get away
    逃脱; 离开, 出发; 把...带[送]走
  • 23.
    get away from
    (使)摆脱, (使)离开; 无视, 对...置之不理; (把某人[物])从...争取过来, 从...吸引过来
  • 24.
    get away from it all
    [口]用出走的办法来摆脱烦恼[工作, 责任]
  • 25.
    get away with
    逃避惩罚[责备, 追究]; 拿[抢、带]走
  • 26.
    get away with it
    侥幸成功; 逃脱处罚
  • 27.
    Get away with you!
    [口]滚开! 去你的!
  • 28.
    Get along with you!
    [口]滚开! 去你的!
  • 29.
    Get out with you!
    [口]滚开! 去你的!
  • 30.
    get back
    回来; 取回; [俚]报复(on)
  • 31.
    get back at
  • 32.
    get behind
    落后; 支持, 帮助; 识破, 看穿; 回避; 拖欠
  • 33.
    get behindhand
    拖欠; 拖 延, 延搁
  • 34.
    be behindhand
    拖欠; 拖 延, 延搁
  • 35.
    get by
    维持生活; 走动, 通过; [美]勉强混过去, 侥幸成功; 躲过; [口]欺骗(某人)
  • 36.
    get by on
  • 37.
    get by upon
  • 38.
    get clear of
    摆脱, 避开; 离开; 还清(债务等)
  • 39.
    get done with
    做完, 结束
  • 40.
    get down
    降[落、打]下; 记[写]下; 吞下; 放下; 击败; 使沮丧
  • 41.
    get down on
    对...产生恶感; 不喜欢
  • 42.
    getdown to
    开始认真考虑; 着手办理(某事)
  • 43.
    get even with
    [俚]报复; 和...算帐
  • 44.
    get forward
    进步, 促进
  • 45.
    get going
    [美口]开始, 动手, 采取行动; [美俚]离开, 出去
  • 46.
    get home
    回到家里; 接[送]......回家; (赛跑、赛马)首先到达终点; 达到目的; 成功; 击中要害; (言论等)说得中肯; 讲清楚; 使充分理解; 捞回损失; 恢复原来的地位
  • 47.
    get in
    进站; 到达; 回来; 收集[割]; 收回借款[税]; 请...来做; 当选(议员); 加[插]入, 进入; (使)陷入, (使)卷入
  • 48.
    get in on
    [口]参加, 加入
  • 49.
    get into
    进入; 穿上; 陷入; 染上(习惯); 学会; 结交; (酒劲)冲脑
  • 50.
    get in with
    [口]与...交往; 参加; 加入
  • 51.
    get it
    了解, 懂得; 挨骂; 受处分
  • 52.
    get it across
    [口]使...被人理解; 使为观众所欣赏
  • 53.
    get it all together
    [美、俚]沉着冷静, 对人生采取积极、坚定的态度
  • 54.
    get it on
    [美俚]兴奋, 激动
  • 55.
    get it out
    [口]清除紧张情绪, 轻松轻松
  • 56.
    get next to
    知道(某事), 了解(某事); 接近, 亲昵; 随手拿走, 擅用
  • 57.
    get nowhere
    (使)无进展, (使)无效
  • 58.
    get off
    下来; 下车; 起飞; (动身)离开; 不受惩罚, 被放过; 脱下(衣服); [口]讲(笑话); 演讲; 发出; 送走; 使入睡; 弄好; 弄错
  • 59.
    get off with
  • 60.
    get on
    上车[马]; 穿[安]上; 过日子, 生活(情况); 进行下去, 继续进行; 相处; 顺利发[进]展; 投好, 向上爬
  • 61.
    get on for
    靠近, 接近
  • 62.
    get on to
    靠近, 接近
  • 63.
    get on towards
    靠近, 接近
  • 64.
    get on to
    识破; 理解, 明白过来; 同...接触, 联络
  • 65.
    get on with
    继续(做某事); 与...和眭相处
  • 66.
    Get on with you!
  • 67.
    get one's own back
    [口]报复, 以牙还牙
  • 68.
    get oneself together
  • 69.
    get out
    下车, 走出, 离开; 摆脱; 说出; 公布; 传出去; 泄漏; 取[拔, 弄]出; (命令语)出去!; 出版
  • 70.
    get out of
    逐渐放弃, 避免; 拔出; 弄出; 问出, 打听出
  • 71.
    Get out of it!
    [俚]别吹啦! 别胡扯啦!
  • 72.
    get outside (of)
    [俚]吃, 喝
  • 73.
    get over
    越[爬]过; 克服; 忍受; 复原, 痊愈; 完成; 走完; [口]忘记; [俚]说服, 使了解
  • 74.
    get over with
    [口]一劳永逸地做完(不愉快但不得不做的事), 把...做完了事
  • 75.
    get round
    传开; 绕过, 回避; 哄骗; 说服
  • 76.
    get around
    传开; 绕过, 回避; 哄骗; 说服
  • 77.
    get round to sth .
  • 78.
    get round to doing sth .
  • 79.
    get at it
  • 80.
    get sb. at it
  • 81.
    getsb. where one wants him
  • 82.
    (使)有所进展; (使)有成就
  • 83.
    getsth. down cold
    [美、俚]了解得透彻; 记得滚瓜烂熟
  • 84.
    getsth. down pat
    [美、俚]了解得透彻; 记得滚瓜烂熟
  • 85.
    get sth. over with
  • 86.
    get there
    [美口]成功, 达到目的
  • 87.
    get through
    完成; 及格; 到达; 通过; 用尽[完]; 打通(电话)
  • 88.
    get through to
    (通过电话、无线电等) 与......联系; 与......通话; 使......了解
  • 89.
    get through with
    完成, 干完
  • 90.
    get to
    到达; 开始, 着手; 接触, 抓住(要害); [美俚]贿赂, 收买
  • 91.
    get together
    收集, 积累; 聚集
  • 92.
    get under
    镇压; 控制
  • 93.
    get up
    (使)起床[立]; 举办; 安排; 组织; 起草出版; 登上; 打扮; 理发; (风)变强; (火车)增加速度; 念到, 读到; 追上; 胜过; 鼓励; 钻研; 整理; 修理; 增进; 演出; 玩弄(诡计)
  • 94.
    get up against
    靠近, 挨近; 使...靠近, 使...挨近; 与...搞坏关系, 与...发生冲突
  • 95.
    get up and dig
    [美]匆匆离开, 慌忙离去
  • 96.
    get up and dust
    [美]匆匆离开, 慌忙离去
  • 97.
    get up and get
    赶快走, 赶快, 尽量快; (=get-up-and-get[go])魄力, 雄心, 进取精神; 首创精神
  • 98.
    get up and go
    赶快走, 赶快, 尽量快; (=get-up-and-get[go])魄力, 雄心, 进取精神; 首创精神
  • 99.
    get up to
    达到; 搞, 从事(常用于贬义); 赶上, 追上
  • 100.
    got up to kill(=be dressed to kill)
    穿得花哨, 穿得时髦
  • 101.
    get with it
    注意, 机警; 加紧干; 赶上时代
  • 1.
    I want to get a road map of the city.
  • 2.
    Every student who wants to get a certificate must pass the exam.
  • 3.
    As a side note, use this first exercise to get to know your camera well.
  • 4.
    You can easily get access to him.
  • 5.
    If you add 4 to 5, you get 9.
  • 6.
    You are much more likely to get rich from hard work than from a lucky win. ——Aesop
  • 7.
    If you only help people because you can get something out of it for yourself, you’ll be disappointed. —— Aesop
  • 8.
    You aim too low.
  • 9.
    Let me get you an ashtray.


n. 鬼, 灵魂, 幻影, 一丝, 一点 vt. 鬼似地游荡 vi. 鬼似地游荡
  • A.gdiant
  • B.gdift
  • C.gdinger
  • D.gdhost



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